Protection Herbal Kit



Powerful protection kits. These kits are perfect for mediation and clearing negative energy. Florida water is perfect for clearing items and your mediation area.Witch’s brew is perfect for setting your intentions. You can spray your candles and your area and Both sprays can be used to spray on the body. White sage is perfect for clearing all energy in the room.(good and bad) Palo Santos is perfect for clearing negative energy. Herbal Banishing mix can be burned ,worn in a sachet and used to dress candles.
Herbal banishing mix protects you from negative energy.

Choose between these two kits:

First kit: $17
2oz Florida water spray bottle
2oz Witch’s Brew spray bottle
1oz bag white sage
1 oz bag palo santos
Box( random or box with skulls) choose at check out.

Second Kit: $20
2oz Witch’ Brew spray bottle
2oz Florida Water spray bottle
1 oz bag white sage
1oz bag of palo santos
1oz Herbal banishing mix
3 incenses
Box( random or box with skulls) choose at check out.

You can add an 8oz road opener spray for an additional $8.00